VSM – Advisors

Anchored on more than 20 years of investment expertise of its partners and an experienced team with investment and management backgrounds, VSM Advisors is proud of having supported hand in hand the creation and growth of more than 30 new companies in Portugal, Spain and UK.

Always focused in reliable and close relationship with its partners and clients.



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A Lisbon based Venture Capital Investment Boutique.

We are an investment and consulting boutique based in Portugal and we offer investment and advisory services with turnkey solutions.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful companies. With our professional networks and fundraising expertise, we are constantly looking for innovative and ambitious projects and permanently analyzing investment opportunities for institutional and private investors.

VSM Advisors team is permanently analyzing investment opportunities for institutional and private investors.

How to join?


To join the VSM Investment Studio you must contact the Management Team or one of the Honorary Members and we will send you an online application. Contact us now and start this journey with us.

For more information, contact us: info@vsmadvisors.com


To join the VSM Investment Studio Startup Portfolio and reach our group of investors, you must send a presentation announcing your ideas and development plans to info@vsmadvisors.com.

We will analyze your project and if your project passes our experts analysis, we will contact you. Don’t forget to prepare a good Presentation/Pitchdeck.


Introducing startups, venture capital, social projects, energy efficiency, etc. in the portfolios of professional investors is not easy and requires skills not always available in traditional investment companies.

VSM Advisors helps investors in searching and developing sound investments in selected markets, with special knowledge of Spain, Portugal and Brazil, in its areas of expertise.


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