We aim to provide reliable, trustworthy and value-added services.

Introducing startups, venture capital, social projects, energy efficiency, etc. in the portfolios of professional investors is not easy and requires skills not always available in traditional investment companies.

VSM Advisors helps investors in searching and developing sound investments in selected markets, with special knowledge of Spain, Portugal and Brazil, in its areas of expertise.

We have special expertise in supporting cross-border operations, developing and managing investment opportunities for new investors in specific markets. We also advise Private Equity firms and Family Offices in strategies for entering new sectors or market segments.

We also build companies. If you want to build a company there are some aspects that are important to focus, such as concepts for the company, the team and the partnerships. There are 3 concepts that a company should have:

creativity and innovation, industry experience and market knowledge and be in constant change.

In a new business is important to have a great but small team with a great teamwork spirit and capable to make good decisions for the company – small team, big achievements. It’s important to make partnerships so the company can develop and grow.

If you want to build a new company, talk to us.

So, we offer more than a service…

  • Finance
  • Raising equity
  • Raising debt
  • Applying for incentives
  • Designing the capital structure
  • Organization
  • Partnership model
  • Corporate governance
  • Management team
  • Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Control
  • Human Capital
  • Other


… efficient investment and operating

… decision-making and governance model

… improving the business models

… well designed exit strategies


… execution and exit strategy

… align interests

… improve chances of success

… successful exits