We support investors in start-ups. Investing in a startup may have some degree of risk, but there are some ways to mitigate it. Having a low requirement for overhead capital joined by high upside potential is the perfect combination to avoid that risks and get high profits.

Keeping at least a small portion of your portfolio in startups can help reduce risks while increasing returns. In order to help reducing the risks and to make sure that a business is safe you can do a due diligence.



Why invest in startups?

There are lots of benefits in investing in startups. It can yield intangible benefits. You can have a huge impact on the success of those products which benefit not only the consumer’s lives but also produces positive externalities. Investing in startups will give you a voice and a position to be an integral part in the future decisions of the company. Besides that, getting involved in startups drives the economy and increases job creation because startups are the crucial point of problem solving and innovation.

Why do people invest in startups? The reality is that 3 out of 4 startups fail. But whether it’s because of the passion that drives the founding team, a great opportunity in the market you’re familiar with or a simple scalable solution to a problem, it’s exciting. That’s not a good enough reason on its own, so do continue reading to learn about the best reasons to invest in startups:

  • Reap the benefits of getting in early
  • Become an integral part of a team
  • Start innovating again with fresh and ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Diversify your financial exposure
  • Use your investments to bring some good into the world

Why invest with us?

Invest in a startup with VSM Advisors support because VSM Advisors has a team with a lot of experience on creating simple and optimized investment structures. The main goal is always to prepare the sale of the investment with a profit within a reasonable timeframe. The 5 main reasons to invest with us:

  • Skilled, hands-on, financially compromised management team
  • Experience in startups (successful and unsuccessful)
  • Use of specialized investment vehicles with “smart money” investors
  • Knowledge of the market, financial incentives
  • Strong ecosystem with a company builder

A Lisbon based Venture Capital Investment Boutique.

What do we value in a startup?

  • Team
  • Product or service
  • Traction
  • Market
  • Investors

What fees do we charge?

We try to align the interests of managers and investors, and so we have our main fees in the form of an exit fee. The model is as follows:

  • Entry fee: 2% of the investment, in order to support the management structure
  • Management fee: 3% annual, charged to the investment vehicles, for global management of the investment vehicle
  • Exit fee: 20% of the capital gains, charged to the investment vehicles, so we win when everybody wins